The Subsidiaries of Business Gate the international industrial and commercial Group

Arsh sale’s organization in 2013 with the aim of providing a qualitative and transparent service to Iran’s automotive parts industry, effective market intelligence was launched in order to make the buyer’s decision and build confidence and establish a healthy environment. This company is a subsidiary of Industrial and Commercial Group of Business Gate. The founder of this company, Mr. Alireza Shabankareh, has 15 years of experience in the field of automotive parts. Arsh sale’s organization is proud to have more than 20 experienced human resources in the fields of marketing and sales, after sales services, human resources and finance, foreign trade, and international and domestic relations services..

Petro Taban Fidar Co., one of the subsidiaries of Business Gate the international industrial and commercial Group, with the management of Mr. Alireza Shabankareh was established in 2009 by a number of consultants, experts and specialists with the aim of providing “sustainable services in the field of oil, gas and petrochemicals”. The goal of this company is to create a consistent commercial strategic relationship across Iran with the main activist of this market in the private and public sector in a transparent and direct way, as well as to establish an integrated supply chain for the development of appropriate marketing, sales and after-sales services at the country’s level. All relationships are based on the creation of a “lasting trust” and a culture of “continuous engagement”. In order to provide qualitative and optimal services, the internal and external organization’s policies and processes are planned based on international standards, Criteria and successful method.

Alireza Shabankare Trading with 20 years of continuous work in the field of commercial and international transportation, clearance and full control of all stages of domestic and foreign customs (in Iran and the UAE) is ready to serve the respectable businessmen. With the integrated and coherent supply chain inside and outside the country, the organization is able to cover all purchasing and logistics process requirements (from source to on-site delivery) of all industrial organizations, especially the automotive, oil, gas and petrochemical industries. By delivering quality services at the lowest cost, the organization has been able to boost growth in loyal and trustworthy customers to expand its internal and external relationships.