The purpose of human resource management is to implement the policies and actions needed to perform part of the management task, which depends on aspects of employee activity, in particular for employee recruitment, employee training, performance evaluation, rewarding and creating a healthy and fair environment for employees of the organization.
The management of staff affairs is an area that is as old as the entire domain of management, but naturally undergoing change and evolution. The turning point of this change is where human resource management is introduced instead of employee management. Human resource management, in addition to having the basics and concepts of employee management, considers more general and more recent approaches to manpower management.
For decades, the implementation of the duties of selection, training and redress for staff was the main task of the field called employee management. These tasks were performed no matter how interrelated they were. But now there is a field called Human Resources Management. Human resource management, as understood now, is, rather than rejection or deletion, a generalization of the traditional need for effective employee management. In this area, a good understanding of human behavior and the skill of using this understanding is needed. It is also necessary to have knowledge and understanding of the various duties of the staff and to be aware of the environmental conditions.
Human resource management emerged in the 1980s and evolved by its fans as a new chapter in human resource management. Now there is an agreement that HRM is not a substitute for employee management, but rather for employee management processes from a different perspective. Its main philosophies are also considerably different from the traditional concepts of employee management. However, some specific staff management approaches and employee relationships can be described as HRM approaches because they are in line with the core philosophy of HRM.
Human resource management is a comprehensive approach to strategic management of the organization’s key resources that is human resources. Human resource management is not only a profit-oriented approach to employee management, but also a special approach to employee relationships, with emphasis on commitment and two-way relationships.

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